Day off on the farm

The first part of the Outreach trip over, Dr Crino and Dr Nekrasova have bid farewell to Dr Abuhamad, Dr Hanson Dr Jeanty, who have started their travel back to the US. Dr Crino wrote in to tell us a little more about their day off before continuing with the training:

“Edna is a most gracious host.  On Friday (our day off) she treated us to tea at the Maan-Soor hotel.  In the afternoon we took a delightful trip to her farm, about 30 kilometers from town, where she grows grapes, bananas, limes, oranges, tangerines, and grapefruit.  She also has 2 cows.  There are hand-dug wells on the farm for irrigation; they are sometimes also a source for the water brought into town on large tanker trucks.

The ISUOG Somaliland Outreach team with Edna.

Friday evening we had our final dinner out at Summertime restaurant in town.  Saturday morning we bid a fond farewell to Lisbet, Alfred and Philippe, only to discover later that they were still in town, their flight having been cancelled due to mechanical problems.  Edna, Katya and I visited them at their hotel Saturday evening, we are all hopeful they will be on their way home soon.  Katya and I are continuing hands-on training for Edna’s midwives and physicians in the outpatient clinic.”

And so the adventures never end. We wish Dr Abuhamad, Dr Hanson and Dr Jeanty a safe trip back and we cross our fingers for the second round of departures!


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