Last day of class

We are very happy to say that the course has been completed with great success today. Here is a brief update from Dr Hanson and her team, who are understandably exhausted but delighted at the great progress and enthusiasm of the trainees:

“All is well.

Just back from dinner with Edna at her stepson’s restaurant. Had delicious fish from the coast, spiced potatoes and soup.

The course went so well! Everyone was very engaged. We had great feedback from the participants. And we now have a new ISUOG Scanning Club! Edna spoke so eloquently at the end about her hopes of providing the people of Somaliland with a brighter future through education; how this collaborative effort with ISUOG, MSF and Sonosite was giving them the foundation and tools, and the responsibility they now have to ensure they further their education, send images and stay in touch.

We are all exhausted but very satisfied with this Outreach trip.”

A huge thank you to Dr Hanson, Dr Abuhamad, Dr Jeanty, Dr Nekrasova and Dr Crino! Well done Team ISUOG!

Dr Crino and Dr Nekrasova will be staying on in Hargeisa until next week to help implement ultrasound into daily clinical practice at the Edna Adan Hospital, so please do check back for more updates.


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