Day 3 progress report

Dr Abuhamad writes in with a report from Day 3 — the trainees are making some great progress and ISUOG’s ties with project partners Médecins Sans Frontières is proving to be very beneficial:

“Today, our third day of training was focused on hands-on scanning in the morning and lectures in the afternoon.

Trainees and a patient during the hands-on training.

MSF was very helpful in providing patients from their prenatal clinic for the team to scan. We ran 4 stations and scanned more than 15 patients in groups of four to five trainees per ultrasound machine. We can see the progress of the trainees as most are quite comfortable now with the workings of the ultrasound machine and can independently determine fetal presentation, placental localization, viability, and fetal lie in the uterus. We have also started training in fetal biometry and many of them can obtain BPD, HC, AC and femur length without assistance.

What's this?

Lectures in the afternoon were dedicated to ectopic pregnancy, placental abnormalities and case presentations. The trainees are quite enthusiastic and are actively participating in the discussions.

MSF participants

An evening dinner is planned with MSF leadership as we will discuss possible future collaboration.

The trainers have done a great job and are fully engaging.”


One response to “Day 3 progress report

  1. Ivonne Matute

    This is the most beautiful job… share with a great smile!!!

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