The ISUOG eagle has landed

There are always “challenges”  and “surprises” to international travel, especially when taking four flights to get to the final destination. After delays, cancellations and a few travel reconfigurations that kept us well entertained over the weekend, we are glad to confirm that our entire team has landed in Hargeisa, into the capable hands of Ms Edna Adan Ismail, our host for the duration of the training.

Dr Philippe Jeanty wrote to us on Sunday to let us know that they were all safe and sound though understandably exhausted after such a long trek. He had arrived in Hargeisa with Dr Katya Nekrasova and Dr Jude Crino, while Dr Alfred Abuhamad and Dr Lisbet Hanson were making their way after some travel hiccups.

Here he is, recounting their arrival and the negotiation of local immigration acrobatics:

“Ok, we are in Edna Hospital. Edna is charming, there is water and wireless, the projector recognizes the netbook, we are all tired, we will nap a little then meet around 6 pm to redistribute the lectures. The recording was tested here and is working so I think we are ready,  just tired.
Watch out, the customs and immigration is a bit of a bureaucratic nightmare, they refused my $100 bill because it was not crisp enough (1/8th ” tear at the fold).  Fortunately one of the MSF team averted an international issue by swapping one of her bills. Aside from the mandatory $50 there is also another queue for $2 and a third queue for $20 /pp. Fortunately Edna had dispatched one of her admin guys (Ibrahim), most efficient and helpful…
Now going to nap.”
An adventure already!
We look forward to hearing about the first day of training.

One response to “The ISUOG eagle has landed

  1. We miss you already Philippe. Hope you have a wonderful and productive trip.

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